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Subject: [OpenMedia] FOSDEM 2019 Open Media room - Call for speakers
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Hi all,

Join us on February 2, 2019 in Brussels for the 5th year of the Open Media
devroom at FOSDEM!

Video has gone mainstream, and technologies to handle media assets,
streams, workflows and apps at scale are now critical for many operations
both hobby and commercial.
Submit a speaking session and share your knowledge with the community at
FOSDEM! We want to learn about open standards, software or hardware
projects that deal with media.

We're looking for sessions on software or hardware spanning from building
audio / video applications, through open standards, formats, codecs, media
analytics and search, AI for creating or analyzing media, IPTV,
Broadcasting and Radio practices - anything media is welcome!

This year, the Open Media devroom will take place on:
Saturday, February 2nd, 2019.

FOSDEM is one of the largest (5,000+ hackers!) gatherings of Free and Open
Source Software contributors in the world and happens each February in
Brussels (Belgium, Europe).
About the Open Media devroom

A lot of free and open source projects are used in the media business, as
well in the broadcast industry as in the Web streaming. There are seldom
events where project members are able to share and promote their projects,
and FOSDEM is a very good place for such discussions and presentations. The
Open Media room has already been organised at FOSDEM for the last four
years, with a strong attendance and talks of great quality. We intend to
continue the work to make it even greater.
If you're interested in video, image or audio technologies, and the breadth
of available open source technologies and communities for media - the Open
Media Room is for you!
For more information about the previous year sessions:
https://archive.fosdem.org/2018/schedule/track/open_media/ .
CFP Guidelines

The deadline for submission is: December 3rd 2018 (Monday).

- To submit your proposal, visit:
- You can submit a session of one of the following formats:

- lightning talks (10 minutes incl. questions)
- regular talk (25 minutes incl. questions)
- workshops (45 minutes or more)

- Between sessions we will allow additional 5 minutes Q&A and 5 minutes
for speaker switching/prep in between. Panel discussions may last longer
(Feel free to ask if you want to have a longer or a shorter slot).
- IMPORTANT: Please make sure to select *”Open Media devroom”* track for
your submission.
- You will need to create an account (or use your account from previous
years) and then go to "create event”, and add the details of your
- Selected talks will be notified by December 15th 2018.
- All sessions will be recorded and be made available under CC-BY
licence by FOSDEM at https://video.fosdem.org/ .

Your submission must include the following information

- The title and subtitle of your talk (please be descriptive).
- select *”Open Media devroom”* as the track.
- Short single paragraph detailing what the talk will discuss, and why
attendees should attend it.
- A longer description if you have more details to share.
- Links to related material/websites/blogs etc.


The official communication channel is the Open Media devroom mailinglist.
Join the list at: https://lists.fosdem.org/listinfo/open-media-devroom .

And please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

Zohar, Avital, Jess, Christophe and Kieran,
On behalf of the Open Media devroom.

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